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About Crofton First



History of Organization

Crofton First was formed in April 2006 after the Crofton News Crier printed an article about Wal-Mart wanting to build on land off of Route 3 that consisted of an undeveloped wetlands habitat.  Word of mouth spread quickly to get community members in action, posting flyers and encouraging citizens to attend a meeting with the developers at Crofton Middle School.  The board formed out of several interested members, whom were all private citizens not associated with other civic organizations at that time. 


Only a few weeks after the one year anniversary of Crofton First's formation, the news was released that Wal-Mart was no longer going to build in Crofton!  At that same time, the board learned of fly ash contaminating drinking water of a section of Gambrills homes on well water. We have been helping those citizens ever since, as well as others in this great community!


Crofton First Mission Statement

Our Mission is carried out by:


Nurturing relationships/partnerships with local businesses, organizations and elected officials


Offering a platform for community members to voice concerns about the direction of growth and development around our community

Highlighting the environmental, social, moral and community impact of large scale non-strategic development within the community

Acting to protect the community from inappropriate development, threats to local businesses, and damage to natural resources





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